During your stay you will be accompanied by a highly qualified Professional Hunter who have guided numerous hunters throughout Namibia to provide the hunter with the best quality trophies.

Highly experience trackers will ensure a successful hunt.  We believe in the nature ethics of hunting and do not shoot from vehicles in principle.  Our hunting concession area reigns from the central parts of Namibia to the east and covers a total area of  15 000 ha. The eastern parts are renowned for Eland and Kudu due to the change in natural habitat.

Bow Hunting
The area is particularly well suited for bow hunting due to the number of natural open water holes which have customized for bow hunting.
Bow energy specifications:
     Small Game     - 25ft / lb
     Medium Game - 40ft / lb
     Large Game     - 65ft / lb

Bird Hunting
Receive one morning for free (only pay the ammunition) as part of your booked rifle or bow hunting trip.

Shark and Line Fish Angling
Rates on Request
Come and experience shark and line fish angling at the West Coast of Namibia.  One of the big fishing attractions in Namibia is Bronze whaler shark fishing.

Plan your date to visit, and see plan with the tides applicable to optimize your experience!
The Bronze Whaler(Carcharhinus brachyurus) can reach up to 3.3m
(11ft) and up to 250kg.
Bronze Whalers is however one of the slowest growing shark species.  Males and females not reaching maturity until 13-20 years of age.